Service agreement
(Accession agreement)
Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization of Higher Education "Innopolis University", duly represented by Kirill Semenikhin, acting in accordance with the University Charter (hereinafter referred to as "Contractor")
And, individual and legal persons acceding this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", have entered into this Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) in accordance with the art. 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the terms and conditions specified below.
The contract specifies terms and conditions of service for organizing the participation of the Customer in the international forum "AI IN 2023: Innopolis AI Conference for Business", August 17-18, 2023.
27.04.2023, №695369
1. Terms and Definitions
1.1. Authorization – participant submitting login and password to enter his/her account on the website.
1.5. Promocode - an individual set of characters sent by the Contractor to the Customers as proof of payment for the services under this Agreement.
1.2. Acceptance (Agreement of accession) - full and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by registration on the Website and a confirmation (payment) to participate in the Forum, making full payment for the services set by the terms of this Agreement.
1.3. Customer - an adult individual or legal person acceding to this Agreement.
1.4. Personal profile (account) - section of the Website, where the Customer gets access by entering an individual login and password after registration on the Website.
1.6. Registration - Customer filling in and sending the registration form posted on the Website, which leads to the creation of the Customer's account and providing login and password to access account on the Website.
1.7. Website - Information resource on the Forum, available on the information and telecommunications network Internet at:
1.8. Services - paid services provided by the Contractor to the Customer, i.e. organizing the Customer's participation in the Forum on the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement.
1.9. Participant - an adult individual person, a Customer acceding to the Agreement, or a representative of the Customer - legal person. Services are provided to the Participant under the terms of this Agreement, accepted by registering on the Website and confirming the intention (payment) to participate in the Forum, and making full payment for services in accordance with the terms specified in this Agreement.
1.10. Forum - an event hosted on August 17-18, 2023 "AI IN 2023: Innopolis AI Conference for Business," organized by the Contractor.
2. General provisions
2.1. In accordance with paragraph 1 art. 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - Civil Code of the Russian Federation) this Agreement is an accession agreement, the terms specified by the Contractor and accepted by the Customer not otherwise than by accessing to the proposed Agreement on the whole. Agreement contains all essential terms of the service agreement and is published on the Website.
2.2. Payment procedure for the Contractor's services as determined by terms and dates of this Agreement, registration on the web-site, completion of missing information of the Customer/participant in the Personal profile, confirmation of intention to participate by entering the Promocode received from the Contractor in accordance with paragraph 3 of art. 438 of the Civil Code are considered to be full and unconditional acceptance of this proposal and confirms the conclusion of this Agreement under the terms stated herein.
3. Subject of the Agreement
3.1. The Contractor provides the Customer services of organizing his participation or participation of his representatives (in case the Customer is a legal pers) in the Forum, and the Customer guarantees payment for the services. Services for participation in the Forum include: registration and provision of a pass in the name of the Participant of the Forum for his/her entry to all the platforms and events of the Forum, catering zone of the Participants of the Forum in accordance with the schedule of coffee breaks, transfer (common for all participants of the Forum) in accordance with the departure schedule of the transfer on the route Kazan (stop Kombinat Zdorovie) - Innopolis (stop Innopolis University) - Kazan (stop Kombinat Zdorovie).
3.2. Forum date and venue: August 17 - 18, 2023, Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan, Innopolis, Universitetskaya str. It is possible to accede to the present Agreement until August 15, 2023.
3.3. Forum Program is posted on the Website. Forum Program may be changed by the Contractor unilaterally. Current version of the Forum program to be published on the Website. Accession of the Customer to the Agreement indicates acceptance of the Forum program approved by the Contractor in full.
4. Rights and obligations of the contracting parties
4.1. Customer shall:
4.1.1. Enter true, complete and accurate personal information at Registration on the website and filling in the data in the Personal profile; not to deceive the Contractor about his identity at Registration on the Site.
4.1.2. Do not disclose third parties login and password required for Authorization.
4.1.3. Do not perform actions to gain access to a different account on the website, using login and password, hacking or other actions.
4.1.4. At the request of the Contractor provide relevant and reliable data and other information required by the Contractor for the provision of services under the Agreement.
4.1.5. Pay for the services on time in the amount and under the procedure specified in this Agreement.
4.1.6. Monitor the actual version of the Agreement and the Forum program on the Website on your own.
4.1.7. For participation in the Forum remotely (in the online format) self-organize the place with a personal computer or other device allowing to connect to the Forum broadcasting in information and telecommunication network Internet.
4.1.8. Accept the services provided by the Contractor according to the procedure and within the terms specified in the Agreement.
4.1.9. Notify the Contractor on time if the Participant is unable to participate in the Forum, as well as intend to refund the money.
4.1.10. Restrain from and avoid all activities related to any operations with information, content and objects that are restricted or prohibited for distribution by the Russian Federation law, third-party rights or the Agreement, including: damaging computer programs; results of intellectual activity of third parties, where the Customer has not received the appropriate authority; confidential information.
4.2. Customer is entitled to:
4.2.1. Receive information from the Contractor on the organization and providing proper provision of services.
4.2.2. Withdraw from the Contract unilaterally at any time, subject to payment of actual costs incurred by the Contractor prior to the termination of the Contract.
4.2.3. Decide whether to use the information obtained through participation in the Forum in their work on their own.
4.3. Contractor shall:
4.3.1. Provide services under the Contract in full.
4.3.2. Comply with applicable legal requirements when providing the services.
4.3.3. Perform other duties, which, in accordance with the Agreement or the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, are imposed on the Contractor.
4.4. Contractor is entitled to:
4.4.1. Engage third parties to perform the obligations under the Agreement without the Customer's written consent, being responsible to the Customer for the actions of the engaged persons as for his own.
4.4.2. Determine the procedure of services independently.
4.4.3. Demand that the Customer pays for the services and performs its obligations under the Agreement.
4.4.4. Demand necessary information and documents from the Customer, copy the documents provided by the Customer to perform the obligations under the Contract.
5. Cost of services, terms and procedure of payment. Acceptance of services
5.1. Full cost of services is:
25 000 (twenty five thousand) rubles 00 kopecks for legal entities (the price for a representative of a legal entity), including VAT 20%, in case of registration for offline participation and payment of services is no later than June 30, 2023.
15 000 (fifteen thousand) rubles 00 kopecks for individual persons, including 20% VAT if they register for offline participation and pay not later than June 30, 2023.
30 000 (thirty thousand) rubles 00 kopecks for legal entities (the price for one representative of a legal entity), including 20% VAT in case of registration for offline participation and payment from July 1, 2023 to August 15, 2023.
20 000 (twenty thousand) rubles 00 kopecks for individuals, including 20% VAT in case of registration for offline participation and payment from July 1, 2023 to August 15, 2023.
free of charge for all categories of online participants
5.2. Payment for services are carried out by transfer of funds to the Contractor's account:
by any method provided by the functionality of the website.
based on the invoice issued by the Contractor at the request of the Customer, within the period specified in the relevant invoice.
5.3. The Customer's obligation to pay for services is considered fulfilled from the moment of receipt of funds to the Contractor's settlement account.
5.4. Interest on a monetary obligation provided for in Article 317.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is not accrued when monetary obligations arise under this Agreement.
5.5. Services are considered duly performed by the Contractor and accepted by the Customer on the day of the expiration of the term for their provision, if the Customer has not sent the Contractor a reasoned refusal to accept them.
5.6. If there are claims to the services rendered, the Customer must send the Contractor a reasoned refusal to accept them within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of expiration of the term for the provision of services. In this case, the Parties draw up a bilateral act with a list of deficiencies and deadlines for their elimination, which is signed by both Parties.
5.7. In the absence of a reasoned refusal to accept services within the period specified in clause 5.6. Contracts, services rendered are considered accepted by the Customer.
5.8. A reasoned refusal is sent by the Customer by e-mail using the addresses specified in this Agreement (for the Contractor) and during Registration on the Portal (for the Customer).
5.9. The act of rendered services is drawn up at the request of the Customer.
6. Grounds for modification and termination of the Agreement
6.1. Terms and conditions of this agreement may be changed by the Contractor unilaterally or in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.
An effective version of the agreement will be published on the website. The Customer may refuse to participate in the Forum by sending a notice to the Contractor (without compensation of expenses by the Contractor) in case of disagreement.
6.2. This Agreement may be amended or terminated with the consent of the parties or in other cases determined by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and this Agreement.
6.3. In case of the Forum cancellation and termination of this Agreement on the Contractor's initiative, the Customer shall be refunded the payments in full. Parties have agreed that no other compensations to the Customer are provided by the Contractor.
Refunds will be sent to the Customer within 10 (Ten) working days from the date of the Forum cancellation notice on the Website or the date of agreement termination on the Contractor's initiative.
6.4. The Contractor has the right to withdraw from the Contract without compensation to the Customer at any time, as well as in cases:
6.4.1. Service obligations cannot be fulfilled due to the Customer's actions (failure to act).
6.4.2. Changes in the Forum timeframe or Forum cancellation.
6.4.3. In other cases determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
6.5. The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the Contract at any time subject to payment to the Contractor of actually incurred costs related to the execution of obligations under this Agreement, subject to Clause 6.6 of the Agreement.
6.6. The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the Contract subject to payment to the Contractor of the costs actually incurred by him, which the Parties have agreed on in the following amount:
50% of the cost of services established by clause. 5.1 of the Agreement, in case of cancellation less than 45 (Forty five) days before Forum.
100% of the cost of services, established by p. 5.1 of the Agreement, in case of cancellation less than 10 (Ten) days before the Forum.
6.7. If the Customer withdraws from the Contract within forty-five (45) days or more before the Forum, the Contractor shall refund the Customer's previous payments in full within ten (10) working days from the date of receipt of the Customer's notice of withdrawal.
7. Term of the Agreement
7.1. The Agreement shall be effective from the date of acceptance of this Agreement by the Customer and shall remain in force until the Parties perform their obligations under the Agreement in full.
8. Liability of the Parties
8.1. For non-performance or inappropriate performance of their obligations under the Agreement, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and this Agreement.
8.2. The Customer shall be responsible for accuracy, relevance, completeness and compliance of the information provided during Registration with the legislation of the Russian Federation and ensure it is free from claims of third parties.
8.3. By registering on the Website, the Customer agrees to receive information messages to the e-mail address specified during Registration.
8.4. The Customer ensures the security of the login and password on his own, and is responsible for all actions undertaken upon Authorization. The Customer shall immediately notify the Contractor of any case of unauthorized access with his login and password and/or any security breach. Executor is not responsible for damages caused as a result of unauthorized access to the Customer's account on the Website.
8.5. If the Customer transfers the login and password to any third party, the Customer shall be fully responsible for the actions performed by this third party on the Website.
8.6. The Customer shall not violate, block or otherwise damage any means of security of the Website, other means preventing or limiting the use or copying of any information on the Website.
8.7. Violation by the Customer of the obligation specified in paragraph 4.1.2 of the Agreement is a violation of the Agreement, violation of the requirements for the protection of personal data, other information that is confidential, as well as the legally protected rights to the results of intellectual activity, the right holder of which is the Contractor, and may lead to the prosecution in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
8.8. The Contractor shall not be liable for interruptions in operation (including emergency, preventive) of the Website, for insufficient quality or speed of providing data, for full or partial loss of any data on the Website, or for causing any other losses occurred or may occur to the Customer while using the Website by the third parties.
8.9. The Parties are exempted from liability for full or partial failure to perform any of their obligations under this Agreement due to force majeure circumstances, such as flooding, fire, earthquake, adverse epidemiological situation (caused by the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), smallpox and/or other infection (disease) and restrictive measures taken in this regard), and in case of special operations, war and military actions or prohibitions of authorized state institutions, if the circumstances had a direct impact on the performance of obligations under this Agreement by the respective Party.
8.10. The Party affected by force majeure shall promptly, but not later than 14 (Fourteen) calendar days after the force majeure occurs, inform the other Party in writing of these circumstances and consequences thereof and shall take all possible measures to limit the negative impact caused by these force majeure circumstances as much as possible.
8.11. The Party affected by force majeure, must inform the other Party in writing of the end of these circumstances without delay, but no later than 7 (Seven) calendar days.
8.12. Failure to notify or late notification of the other Party, which is unable to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement, about the Force-Majeure Circumstances results in the loss of the right to refer to these circumstances.
8.13. If the responsible Party is released from liability for non-performance, untimely and/or improper performance of any unperformed obligation under the Agreement, this Party shall not be released from liability for performance of its other obligations not recognized as unperformable by the Parties under the Agreement.
8.14. If force majeure circumstances last for more than one month, any of the Parties is entitled to terminate the Agreement.
8.15. Parties have agreed that facts indicating force majeure circumstances shall be confirmed by force majeure certificates issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, documents issued by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Emergency Ministry (fire department), the meteorological (seismological) service and other competent authorities, and to confirm the facts defined in clause. 8.9 of the Agreement, a decision of a public authority (adopted acts at the federal and (or) regional level of the Russian Federation, imposing the relevant restrictions, prohibitions, etc, can be considered as evidence, including, but not limited to, acts of the Government of the Russian Federation, Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation or Rospotrebnadzor Department in the Republic of Tatarstan, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan) and media reports.
9. Final Provisions
9.1. Customer's and Contractor's information interaction within the framework of this Agreement can be performed, including (but not limited to) by means of technical actions of the Parties on the Website and sending letters to both of them by e-mail.
9.2. All notifications within this Agreement shall be sent by the Parties to each other using the services of the Website or by e-mail specified in this Agreement and upon registration on the Website (for the Customer). All claims of the Customer within this agreement shall be sent to the Contractor in writing and signed by the Customer by e-mail, or through the public postal operators, by registered mail with receipt notification and with the description of attachments at the addresses specified in this Agreement, or delivered in person to be signed by an authorized representative of the receiving Party.
9.3. A message on the website or sent by email is considered received by the Receiving Party on the date of sending the message successfully. The Parties shall be obliged to log in to their Personal profile (Account) on the website on a daily basis to check for messages from the other Party.
9.4. The receiving Party shall be responsible for receiving messages and notifications as specified above. The Party that sent the message shall not be liable for any delay in message delivery if such delay was caused by telecommunications system breakdown, action/inaction of providers or other force majeure circumstances.
In this case the email address of the Contractor is specified in this Agreement; the email address of the Customer is specified by him at Registration. The Customer and the Contractor shall apply the rules of a simple electronic signature to the relations on transferring and receiving notifications and messages on the Website and via e-mail relating to this Agreement, considering as such the accounts on the Site and the corresponding email addresses. As access to the website and e-mails is carried out by login and (or) access code (password), and equal to this electronic signature to handwritten signature of the Customer and the Contractor respectively, and the messages and documents signed with such electronic signatures to the analogue of the documents signed on paper. Actions in the Customer's account completed on the website upon Authorization shall be recognized as actions of the Customer.
9.5. Registered letter with notification sent by post, is considered as received by the receiving Party in the following cases:
9.5.1. Evidence of message delivery is available from the official website of Russian Post or, if the letters were sent through another postal organization, information from such postal organization received by any means.
9.5.2. Despite the postal notification, the receiving Party failed or refused to collect the mail, or the mail was not delivered to the receiving Party due to the absence of the recipient at the address specified in this Agreement, and therefore the mail was returned by the postal organization to the address of the sending Party, indicating the reason for return.
9.6. Message is considered as delivered when it is received by the Receiving Party but, due to circumstances beyond its control, is not delivered to it, or the Receiving Party has not read it.
9.7. Message delivered personally to the receiving Party is considered as received by such Party from the date of actual delivery of the message to the authorized representative of the receiving Party to be signed.
9.8. Any disputes and disagreements that may arise from or related to this Agreement will be negotiated. If consent is not reached on disputed questions, all disputes shall be resolved in court at the location of the Contractor in accordance with applicable law. Jurisdiction of the claim for protection of consumer rights shall be determined in accordance with the Russian Federation Law No. 2300-1 of February 7, 1992 "On Protection of Consumer Rights".
9.9. For any questions not regulated by this Agreement, the Parties are governed by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
9.10. Contractor:
Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization of Higher Education "Innopolis University"; Legal address: 420500, Universitetskaya street 1, Innopolis, 420500, Russian Federation; email:
OGRN 1121600006142
INN/KPP 1655258235/161501001
OKPO 26762138
account 40703810000470000044
Branch of GPB (AO) in c.Kazan
c/a 30101810100000000734
BIC 049205734
2023 @ Innopolis AI Conference for business, Innopolis University, Russia
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